overview of my services

Helping you venture courageously toward your goals.

overview of my services

Heal your wounds
and live a flourishing, connected life.

what I do

I provide individual psychotherapy, Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy for adults, and clinical consultation and training for therapist colleagues.

Robert Bonazoli Integrative Psychotherapy in Boston, MA


Short or long-term psychotherapy can alleviate or heal psychological trauma, as well as anxiety and mood disorders.

The one-hour sessions can also help you deal with life transitions—stressful career change, divorce, financial setbacks, and the like—along with bereavement and relationship difficulties.

Psychotherapy can give you a deeper comprehension of yourself, enabling greater meaning and satisfaction in your daily experience and your relationships. 

Through this understanding, you can move with confidence toward your goals and find richer meaning in life.

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Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

This brief, intensive form of psychotherapy utilizes ketamine, a short-acting, legal medicine that can produce mild to extreme trance-like states and allow for profound connection to emotions and embedded psychological patterns.

It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1970. Primarily used to relieve pain during minor surgery, recent research has shown the drug to be remarkably effective in assisting in the treatment of psychological disorders.

Rather than focusing exclusively on the psychedelic experience, I work within a well-established clinical model using the psychedelic experience in the service of deep internal and relational psychotherapy focused on effecting long-term change and healing.

Robert Bonazoli Integrative Psychotherapy in Boston, MA

Clinical Consultation

With a focus on early-career professionals, I provide consultation for clinicians who want to think through difficult cases and consider alternative approaches and stances.

Areas of focus include:

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