My philosophy

Real change can occur through psychotherapy.

My philosophy

Real change can occur through psychotherapy.

Many of us suffer, often in ways we don’t understand, from wounds of the near or distant past.

We become overwhelmed and confused by painful thoughts and emotions, and have difficulty achieving the life we all want to live: A unique life in which we feel meaningfully connected to our work and our relationships

Every person carries all the resources they need to move toward their goals, improve their lives, heal their wounds, and address personal difficulties. Psychotherapy can help in this process.

I help individuals and couples develop the insight and skills to identify and access these resources, applying them to move toward their goals. Successful therapy leads to happier, healthier lives, and richer, more satisfying relationships.

What works for one person may not work for another. I collaborate with each individual to craft the most useful approaches for their current situation. Real change and recovery from suffering can occur through psychotherapy.

But the work required takes courage, commitment, humor, and compassion on the part of both therapist and client. 

“Successful therapy leads to happier, healthier lives, and richer, more satisfying relationships.”

In technical terms, my work can be described as an integration of three therapeutic approaches:

These are my underlying assumptions:

This includes everything from our formative experiences in early life up through the present day. Understanding how the past asserts itself in the present can help us to free ourselves to act with greater flexibility and freedom. Early traumas, in particular, can influence our perceptions, reactions, and emotions, and behaviors.

If we look closely, we will find a good, rational reason for whatever someone is doing, or avoiding—even if that rationale causes them frustration, pain and conflict. By understanding what our mind is trying to do for us, we can help ourselves identify healthier and more effective options to reach our goals.

The different aspects of our lives and minds are not static and singular. They are various and vibrant. You cannot engage with one without influencing the others.

Trauma’s impact on our bodies, minds, hearts, and relationships can have long-lasting, painful, and confusing effects. But these impacts can be alleviated, integrated, and even healed.

Begin your journey to healing.